Thursday, 27 July 2017

How safety huddles can drive improvement and reduce harm

How safety huddles can drive improvement and reduce harm Last month’s CQC report showcased improvements across eight trusts, including Leeds Teaching Hospitals where I work. The report prompted me to ask: in a world where morale is low and resources depleted, how do you reach and engage the whole workforce to believe they can make a difference?

Four years ago we held a ‘big conversation’ with our ward team about the improvement area we wanted to work on. A colleague from Yorkshire and Humber Improvement Academy suggested we try a team huddle, or focused gathering. We wanted to reduce falls and discussed how we could focus our huddle on who we were worried about falling that day and what we could do as a team.

We tested our huddle during a shift. Our aim was to go 30 days without a fall, although the team didn’t believe this was possible. A week between falls was rare, so the idea of celebrating 10 days between falls as a bronze certificate began. The dream of a gold certificate of 30 days seemed impossible, with a fear that we would fail. The Health Foundation

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