Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Long-term sustainability of NHS and Adult Social Care under threat

Long-term sustainability of NHS and Adult Social Care under threat The Select Committee on the Long-term Sustainability of the NHS has slammed the 'short sightedness' of successive governments for failing to plan effectively for the long-term future of the health service and adult social care.

The Department of Health at both the political and official level is failing to think beyond the next few years. There is a shocking lack of long-term strategic planning in the NHS. This short sightedness stems from the political importance of the NHS and the temptation for politicians to reach for short-term fixes not long-term solutions.

"To solve this we need a new body that is independent of government and is able to identify clearly the healthcare needs of a changing and ageing population and the staffing and funding the NHS will require to meet those needs. This new Office for Health and Care Sustainability should be a trusted, independent voice as the Office for Budget Responsibility has become on economic forecasting and on public finance matters. It will need to look ahead and plan for 15-20 years into the future.

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Updated revalidation standards and guidance

Updated revalidation standards and guidance The Nursing and Midwifery Council has published updated standards and guidance for revalidation. Learn about the key changes. NHS Employers

Fair care for trans patients

Fair care for trans patients The RCN recognises that trans people frequently experience prejudice and discrimination. The nursing community can, through its professional actions and interests, work to eliminate this at both an individual and a societal level in partnership with a range of organisations, including those who represent the needs of trans people.

This resource is designed to help you respond to the needs of patients and clients who identify as transgender. Initially created in response to an RCN Congress resolution, this guidance has been updated following further research from other organisations. Royal College of Nursing

Integration 2020: scoping research

Integration 2020: scoping research This research was commissioned by the Department of Health to inform the development of the integration standard and the next phase of plans to integrated health and social care. The integration standard would enable the collection of qualitative and quantitative data to measure the progress and performance within local areas. This report presents the findings of scoping research and engagement to better understand what integrated health should look like by 2020; testing out the integration standard and how feedback and support should be used to develop the standard. Social Care Institute for Excellence

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Should exercise be compulsory at work?

Should exercise be compulsory at work? The news this week that more than 20 million people in the UK are physically inactive has led to a lot of discussion over how to tackle the problem. But with no easy solution and rates of obesity rising fast has it come to the point that exercise should become part of our working day? BBC News

Half of A&Es to have specialist mental health teams by 2019

Half of A&Es to have specialist mental health teams by 2019 Plans to implement 24-hour specialist mental health teams in almost half of A&Es across the country have been revealed by NHS England, who hope for the scheme to cover five times more A&Es than now by March 2019.

The service is currently operating in only 10% of emergency departments, but NHS England say they hope to instate it into nearly half in two years.

The news was announced in NHS England’s update to the Five Year Forward View, which outlined a number of new aims and initiatives to tackle chronic problems within mental health care nationally. National Health Executive

What can the UK learn from Finland's approach to mental health?

What can the UK learn from Finland's approach to mental health? An online therapy service for depression, anxiety and substance misuse is cheap and effective and could provide inspiration for the NHS.

While online therapy is viewed with some scepticism in the UK, in Finland the service, Mental Health Hub, is used by every hospital district in the country. It was first set up 10 years ago by Prof Grigori Joffe and Dr Matti Holi at Helsinki University Central hospital in response to fragmented mental health services and because it is hard for patients in rural areas of the sparsely-populated country to get help. Continue reading... The Guardian

Are hospital chaplains a waste of NHS money?

Are hospital chaplains a waste of NHS money? Religious leaders support staff and patients but some people question their role at a time when budgets are squeezed

Kole Morgan was on holiday in Plymouth when she was involved in a serious car accident. The 47-year-old gardener from Bristol sustained extensive injuries including multiple fractures to her back, which kept her in intensive care for 48 hours and in hospital for a fortnight. The other driver, who was found to have caused the accident, died.

Away from her family, in pain and feeling alone, she struggled to process all that had happened. When a nurse suggested she ask the chaplain to visit, Morgan agreed, despite not having any religious affiliations of her own. Continue reading... The Guardian

Thousands of British children exposed to illegal levels of air pollution

Thousands of British children exposed to illegal levels of air pollution More than 2,000 schools and nurseries close to roads with damaging levels of diesel fumes, joint investigation by Guardian and Greenpeace reveals.

Hundreds of thousands of children are being exposed to illegal levels of damaging air pollution from diesel vehicles at schools and nurseries across England and Wales, a joint investigation by the Guardian and Greenpeace’s investigations unit has revealed. Continue reading... The Guardian

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