Friday, 30 December 2011

NHS Standard Contract 2012/13

NHS Standard Contract 2012/13: The Department of Health has published the NHS Standard Contract for 2012/13 which brings together the previous four core contracts into a single restructured contract. The contract is for use by commissioners when commissioning NHS funded acute, ambulance, community and mental health and learning disability services from all types of providers. This contract reflects the requirements set out in the 2012/13 NHS Operating Framework.

NICE funds subscription to the online version of the Lancet

NICE funds subscription to the online version of the Lancet: It has been announced that as part of the drive to provide open access to high quality evidence, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) has signed a 3 year agreement to provide staff with access to The Lancet via NHS Evidence ( - the service provided by NICE. From 3 January 2012, every member of staff who is eligible for an NHS Athens password can access the latest online editions of The Lancet, as well as back copies from the last 4 years, removing the need for NHS library services and individual members of staff to subscribe to access The Lancet online - a move which will save time and money and which will provide NHS-wide access to this valued resource. The agreement will also cover healthcare students from an NHS-commissioned education programme involving practice and placement within NHS services across England.

Health Visitor Implementation Progress Report

Health Visitor Implementation Progress Report:

The Health Visitor Implementation report published today, sets out progress on key areas of the Health Visitor Implementation programme, which began in February 2011.

The Health Visitor Implementation progress report provides the latest summary of progress against the Government’s commitment. Summary progress reports will be published every quarter until 2015.

Department of Health

New NHS whistleblowers helpline

New NHS whistleblowers helpline: A free helpline for whistleblowers in the NHS and social services is to be launched, the government says. BBC News

GPs reveal IT concerns for 2012

GPs reveal IT concerns for 2012: GPs leading the move towards clinical commissioning have expressed concern that the authorisation process for clinical commissioning groups is becoming rigid and bureaucratic. EHI News

Critical care bed statistics

Critical care bed statistics: The Department of Health has published the following statistics 'Monthly critical care beds, cancelled urgent operations and delayed transfers of care, England, November 2011'. Some of the main findings for November 2011 were that there were 3,702 adult critical care beds available and 3,121 occupied giving an occupancy rate of 84.3%. This is the highest occupancy rate since January 2010, but is lower than November 2011, where the figure was 86.1%. Adult critical care bed occupancy tends to be higher in winter months.

Atlas of variation

Atlas of variation: The NHS Atlas of Variation has been published by the Department of Health to highlight the amount each Primary Care Trust (PCT) spends on clinical services and links this with the health outcomes patients see. Consisting of 71 maps, the Atlas will help commissioners learn from one other, consider the appropriateness of a service, and investigate when clinical health outcomes are not reflecting the financial investment that has been made.
DH press release:

National audit of dementia

National audit of dementia: The Royal College of Psychiatrists has published the first full report of the National Audit of Dementia which identifies a need for significant improvements in hospital ward environments, staff training and the overall approach to care delivery for patients with dementia. The main audit looked at data collected from 210 hospitals across England and Wales. Ward level data was collected from a sample of 145 wards across 55 hospitals. This included 2,211 staff questionnaires, and 105 observations of care on the ward, carried out by hospital staff.
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Patients will be able to register with any GP: ministers

Patients will be able to register with any GP: ministers: Patients will be able to register with a GP miles away from where they live under Coalition plans to give them greater choice, it has been announced.

Scandal of NHS 'production line'

Scandal of NHS 'production line': The number of NHS patients who have to undergo emergency readmission to hospital within a month of being discharged has increased by more than three quarters in the last decade, the Daily Telegraph can disclose. Telegraph

Escalating depression crisis is costing Britain £11bn a year

Escalating depression crisis is costing Britain £11bn a year: High levels of depression are costing the country almost £11bn a year in lost earnings, in demands on the health service and in prescribing drugs to tackle the problem. Independent