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Care sector future for ex-hospital

Care sector future for ex-hospital A derelict hospital in Northampton that was once a workhouse is to be turned into apartments for the care sector. BBC Northamptonshire

East Midlands Ambulance Service still not hitting targets

East Midlands Ambulance Service still not hitting targets East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) has consistently failed to meet the minimum Government targets over a number of years, and with the winter months almost upon us, figures presented this week show that they are still failing. Northamptonshire Telegraph

NHS England chief, Simon Stevens, issues stark warning on future of NHS

NHS England chief, Simon Stevens, issues stark warning on future of NHS Ben Gowland CEO Nene CCG and Joe Tibbetts publisher of Health Care Innovation Daily discuss Simon Stevens' five year plan to save the NHS in language easily understood by non experts. The Information Daily

Waiting for mental health care: what does the public think?

Waiting for mental health care: what does the public think? Nick Clegg used his party conference speech earlier this month to highlight ‘the second class status given to mental health in the NHS’. On the same day, the government and NHS England announced new waiting times standards as part of the drive to put mental health care on an equal footing with the rest of the system. This is the first time mental health providers have been subject to explicit expectations around waiting times – something they may find is a mixed blessing.

Cancer: shifting gears

Cancer: shifting gears This report outlines a future vision for cancer care in order to improve the quality of care for cancer patients and to improve the survival rate for patients diagnosed with cancer. It calls for all political parties to commit to naming cancer as a priority for the NHS and makes recommendations for actions which will improve experiences of treatment and care, improve quality of life for cancer survivors and save more lives – ultimately, bringing our cancer outcomes in line with the best in Europe. Cancer Campaigning Group

Ebola outbreak cases pass 10,000

John Kennedy's care home inquiry

John Kennedy's care home inquiry The final report of a personal inquiry into care homes for older people to discover how to address the crisis in the UK and to find out what makes a good care home.

During John’s inquiry, which built on existing JRF research, he spoke to a range of people involved in the care sector, and used social media to broaden the range of views.

The report seeks to achieve an open and evidence-informed debate around how to improve life in care homes for older people and suggests principles and makes recommendations for regulators, commissioners and providers so that care homes are good places for people to live and work in. Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Sunshine isn't slimming and can't halt diabetes

Sunshine isn't slimming and can't halt diabetes "Sunshine can make you thin," claims the Daily Mirror, while the Daily Express splashed on its front page that, "Sunlight is key to fighting diabetes". Both are strong contenders for the title of the day's most inaccurate health headline.

The news – reported more circumspectly by The Times and BBC News – is based on highly artificial laboratory experiments on mice.

The study found that long-term ultraviolet (UV) light exposure stopped male mice fed a high-fat diet gaining weight. UV also reduced glucose intolerance and insulin resistance and levels of insulin in the blood after fasting, as well as glucose and cholesterol.

In humans, these are signs associated with metabolic syndrome – a combination of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity that puts you at greater risk of heart disease.

Human skin produces vitamin D when it is exposed to UV light, so the researchers tested whether the same benefits were seen if the mice were given a vitamin D supplement in their food.

But this did not produce the same effects. The researchers instead think nitric oxide, which is also produced when skin is exposed to UV light, may be responsible for the effects of UV.

Mice are nocturnal animals covered in fur, so their skin is not usually exposed to much sunlight. This means this research has no immediate implications for people.

Practices could boycott £5m dementia diagnosis scheme

Practices could boycott £5m dementia diagnosis scheme Practices should consider boycotting a scheme that would pay them £55 per patient diagnosed with dementia, the GPC has suggested. GP Online

Simon Stevens interview: The NHS is a social movement and not just a health care service

Simon Stevens interview: The NHS is a social movement and not just a health care service This week NHS Englands new chief executive unveiled a blueprint for tackling the worst budget crunch in its 66-year history. So just who is Simon Stevens? And can he save our health service?

From his offices, with their panoramic views of south London, Simon Stevens can see the scene of his happiest experience with the NHS so far St Thomas hospital, where his wife, Maggie, gave birth to their son in 2003. Because it was Christmas day, a lot of staff were off and there were locums. There was a bit of Christmas spirit, but a lot of planned deliveries not happening, so when my son was born they basically said, If you and your wife want to go to an empty ward, you can spend the night there with your baby. In this darkened ward with no staff we spent a very happy first night. The recollection prompts a smile.

He can also recall his worst moment. He was just seven. I had a hip problem and was in hospital for the best part of a school term. It is a visceral memory. I woke one morning and I couldnt walk. I crawled to my parents bedroom. They took a bit of persuading that I wasnt just messing about, but we went to hospital. I still remember when the staff said to them, OK, you can leave him now. That first night. I was just screaming: that complete sense of abandonment. Continue reading... The Guardian

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Dozens of maternity and A&E units shut

Dozens of maternity and A&E units shut Dozens of NHS maternity and Accident and Emergency units are under threat, new research reveals. The Daily Telegraph

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NHS spends £2.5bn on agency staff to meet rising demand

NHS spends £2.5bn on agency staff to meet rising demand NHS hospitals spent £2.5bn on part-time agency staff last year – far more than planned – in a bid to improve patient safety amid sharply rising demand, new figures show. The Independent

So-called 'Saatchi Bill' under fire for unintended consequences

So-called 'Saatchi Bill' under fire for unintended consequences  A proposed overhaul of the law surrounding doctors’ use of experimental treatments is unnecessary, would undermine clinical trials and could put patients at risk, a coalition of leading research organisations has said. The Independent

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