Friday, 7 September 2012

Child sex attack cases increase

Child sex attack cases increase: The number of reported sex crimes against children in Northamptonshire has risen by nearly 150 in one year, figures show. BBC News

VIDEO: Hospital holds cycle safety campaign

VIDEO: Hospital holds cycle safety campaign: Staff at a Birmingham hospital have been so alarmed at the rise in cycling-related injuries they have launched their own safety campaign. BBC News

Suicide prevention work 'success'

Suicide prevention work 'success': The Mental Welfare Commission gives its backing to a new approach for people with serious mental health problems. BBC News

CQC to gather practice information from CCGs and NHS Commissioning Board

CQC to gather practice information from CCGs and NHS Commissioning Board: The Care Quality Commission (CQC) will gather information about the quality of services provided by practices from clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and the NHS Commissioning Board (NCB) a CQC consultation has revealed. GP Online

Do people pay a price for working in caring jobs?

Do people pay a price for working in caring jobs?: Nursing assistants and childcare workers are typically paid less than those in comparable occupations, research has found. It is widely believed that certain occupations, such as care work, are relatively poorly paid because there are non-pecuniary benefits, such as job satisfaction and social esteem. However, there is little hard evidence for this.We investigated this assertion, using 17 years of data from the British Household Panel Survey, which contains information about the occupations and wages ... The Guardian

Reprocurement of ESR and pensions administration

Reprocurement of ESR and pensions administration: The current provision of the Electronic Staff Record (ESR) and the NHS pensions administration system will end in 2013. The Department of Health (DH) is looking to align the two, and is now seeking a provider to deliver them as a single system. NHS Employers

Commissioning groups overwhelmed by red tape

GPs failing to spot cancer

GPs failing to spot cancer:Figures from a Department of Health survey have revealed that a quarter of people who go on to be diagnosed with cancer have to go to their GP at least three times before being referred for a hospital test.
Results of National Cancer Patient Experience Survey for 2011-12 found nearly one in ten patients saw their GP five or more times before being referred and a further 16% saw their family doctor either three or... Healthcare Today

CQC could ditch annual inspections

CQC could ditch annual inspections:The Care Quality Commission is consulting on proposed changes to its inspection schedule.
It is looking at moving away from regular inspections of all regulated organisations and back towards a more risk-based model. The plan forms part of the regulator’s strategy for 2013-16 and comes a year after former chief executive Cynthia Bower announced the CQC would introduce annual inspections of all NHS providers and... Healthcare Today

Millions of people could benefit from telecare

Millions of people could benefit from telecare: New research maps the number of telecare users, and looks at how to maximise its potential.

NHS pay cuts will lead to exodus of health workers, say nurses

NHS pay cuts will lead to exodus of health workers, say nurses: Royal College of Nursing speaks out against local pay bargaining for hospital staff in south-west England NHS hospitals that impose pay cuts on staff will see health professionals leaving in protest and the quality of care coming under threat as a result, nurses' leaders claim.

Drug addict treated for anthrax

Drug addict treated for anthrax: A drug addict is being treated in hospital for anthrax, health officials have confirmed. The Independent