Monday, 9 July 2012

Racist nurse gave council hate crime talk to council staff

Racist nurse gave council hate crime talk to council staff:
A racist nurse who worked for Northamptonshire’s NHS mental health trust later gave a talk on race-hate to 300 staff in her council job, the local authority has admitted. Northampton Chornicle and Echo

NHS IT 'does have benefits'

NHS IT 'does have benefits': Why the NHS does need a joined-up computer system BBC News

GPs must educate patients to cut demand on NHS, ministers say

GPs must educate patients to cut demand on NHS, ministers say: GPs must play 'a key role' in educating patients about self-treatment to help manage demand on the NHS, ministers have said. GP Online

Total PFI bill ''will be around £301bn''

Total PFI bill ''will be around £301bn'': By 2029/30 the annual PFI spending for the NHS is expected to be £2.71bn, new Treasury figures show Public Service

10 years' budget pain for the NHS

10 years' budget pain for the NHS:
A report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies has warned that the NHS in England could face a decade of austerity.
In analysis of the long-term financial future of the health service, funded by the Nuffield Trust, the IFS say the NHS should be prepared to face even tougher times ahead than it has already experienced.
Within that, it said a serious consideration should be whether all services continue to... Healthcare Today

 Full report here

David Cameron accused of hypocrisy over £1.4bn 'raid' on NHS funds

David Cameron accused of hypocrisy over £1.4bn 'raid' on NHS funds:
Labour condemns PM as 'NHS conman' after official figures reveal Treasury took back unspent money earmarked for health
David Cameron has been accused of hypocrisy over the NHS after official figures revealed that the Treasury has taken back £1.4bn of money earmarked for health spending which was not spent by the Department of Health.
Labour condemned the move as a "raid" on NHS funding by George Osborne, while unions representing doctors and nurses and the country's leading health thinktank said patients would lose out as a result.
The Treasury have confirmed that £1.4bn of £1.7bn not spent by the department on the NHS in England in 2011-12 had come back to it. Whitehall sources said it would now be used to help fund the freeze in council tax, major infrastructure projects and other key areas of public spending not related to health.
Most of the £1.7bn underspend was the result of the NHS employing fewer managers and ministers scaling back on "wasteful" IT projects and administration costs, a DH spokesman said. "The reason why there's an underspend is because of efficiency [savings]," he added.
"The government promised that all efficiency savings would be reinvested in the NHS, but Friday's figures confirm George Osborne's £1bn raid on its budget to pay for tax cuts for millionaires," said Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary. "People will today see David Cameron for the NHS conman he is: repeatedly cutting the budget on the quiet while 4,000 nursing posts are axed and patients pay the price."
Prof John Appleby, chief economist at the King's Fund health thinktank, said the DH should not have allowed the underspend to be taken. "This money shouldn't have been given back by Andrew Lansley. It could have been spent on health or social care, where we know we need to spend more money because needs are rising," he said. "This is over a billion pounds that was agreed by parliament to be spent on healthcare, which now won't be, so it's very surprising that ministers have agreed to do this given we know that there are extra demands on the NHS, and this money could have been used to improve people's health."
The British Medical Association, the doctors' union, said that any savings made in the NHS should go into improving patient care, not to the Treasury. "It is unclear how these efficiency savings were made and we need to see more detail. If it is the case that significant efficiency savings have been achieved, these resources should be reinvested in patient care," said a BMA spokeswoman.
Dr Peter Carter, chief executive and general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, said the generation of a £1.7bn surplus at the same time as many hospital trusts were cutting staff to save money was "a matter of great concern. Any Treasury clawback will only serve to take resources still further from the frontline. Money saved would be far better invested in providing patient care and keeping people fit and healthy. Patients will rightly question why money is diverted elsewhere at a time when demand is rising and resources are scarce."
But Whitehall sources countered that the £1.4bn clawback was less than the amount of DH underspend they have taken back in recent years, which has averaged £2bn and reached £2.9bn in 2007-08.
Labour also seized on a separate DH admission that actual spending by the NHS in England last year was slightly less than the year before, bucking a longstanding year-on-year upward trend. According to Treasury figures the, service spent £104.24bn in 2011-12, which was £26m – or 0.02% – less than 2010-11. The fall occurred despite the coalition's pledge to increase the NHS budget by 0.1% a year every year until 2015. The Guardian

Warning over keyhole surgery safety in NHS cash squeeze

Warning over keyhole surgery safety in NHS cash squeeze: Surgeons are being forced to carry out operations using outdated equipment because of a squeeze on NHS budgets in the economic downturn, it is claimed today. The Daily Telegraph

Councils' lack of cash hits 7,000 elderly and disabled

Councils' lack of cash hits 7,000 elderly and disabled:
More than 7,000 disabled and elderly people have lost some or all of their state-funded support, after cash-strapped councils changed their rules on who qualifies for social care. The Independent

Care pathway used to 'cut costs' claim doctors

Care pathway used to 'cut costs' claim doctors:
Hospitals may be withholding food and drink from elderly patients so they die quicker to cut costs and save on bad spaces, leading doctors have warned.The Independent

Increase in whooping cough cases continues

Increase in whooping cough cases continues: The number of confirmed cases of pertussis in England and Wales reported to the Health Protection Agency (HPA) continues to rise, with 1,781 cases reported to the end of May 2012, compared to a total of 1,118cases across the whole of 2011. Health Protection Agency