Monday, 20 March 2017

Special report: Children tucking into lunchboxes with double their daily sugar intake Children are tucking into lunchboxes containing more than double their daily sugar intake, a study has found. Northamptonshire Telegraph
Whistleblowers 'to be protected' if they apply for NHS job The health secretary says he wants to stop discrimination against those raising safety concerns. BBC News - Health
Hospital food: 'Intolerable' delays improving patient meals Delays in implementing measures to improve patient nutrition are dubbed "intolerable" by an assembly committee. BBC News - Health
Private care contracts for councils 'being cancelled' Private home care companies say councils are not paying enough to cover staff wages and other costs. BBC News - Health
Record numbers of EU nurses quit NHS Staffing crisis worsens as workers fear being unwelcome after Brexit. The number of EU nationals registering as nurses in England has dropped by 92% since the Brexit referendum in June, and a record number are quitting the NHS, it can be revealed.

The shock figures have prompted warnings that Theresa May’s failure to offer assurances to foreigners living in the UK is exacerbating a staffing crisis in the health service. The Guardian
Government accused of 'kicking NHS when it's down' with high interest loans
NHS trusts with the deepest levels of debt are being charged high interest rates on Government loans, an investigation has found.

Financial experts last night likened the Department of Health policy to “kicking someone when they’re down” and said it would make it even harder for cash-strapped trusts to recover. The Telegraph

Few foods on track to meet salt reduction targets, survey reveals

Few foods on track to meet salt reduction targets, survey reveals Research by Consensus Action on Salt and Health finds bread and rolls are the only foodstuffs likely to meet 2017 targets

Bread rolls are the only manufactured foodstuff likely to meet stringent 2017 salt-reduction targets, research has revealed.

The food industry will miss almost every salt target set to lower the amount of the “hidden killer” in processed food. The Guardian

NHS facing 'mission impossible next year' - BBC News

NHS facing 'mission impossible next year' - BBC News NHS services in England are facing a "mission impossible" to meet the standards required by the government, health bosses say. The warning has been made by NHS Providers, which represents hospital, mental health and ambulance trusts. BBC News - Health