Friday, 28 June 2013

Hospital is an exceptional case and needs investment, says MP

Hospital is an exceptional case and needs investment, says MP: An MP has told Parliament Kettering hospital cannot cope with demand for its accident and emergency department. Northamptonshire Telegraph

What happened to the extra NHS billions?

What happened to the extra NHS billions?: Three years ago the coalition government’s first Spending Review promised to ‘ring fence’ the budget for the English NHS and to increase spending in real terms each year to 2014/15. So what has actually happened to NHS spending?

First batch of surgeon data revealed

Why are doctors so angry?

Why are doctors so angry?: Why are doctors so angry at the moment? BBC News

Hospital boss resigns inside a week

Hospital boss resigns inside a week: An interim chairman appointed less than a week ago at a hospital trust, after the resignation of the previous chairman, himself resigns. BBC News

UK government backs three-person IVF

UK government backs three-person IVF: The UK is in line to become the first country to allow an IVF technique using DNA from three people, in a bid to eliminate serious genetic disorders. BBC News

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Advice from NICE supports improved commissioning for people who self-harm

Advice from NICE supports improved commissioning for people who self-harm: NICE's support for commissioning for self-harm will help commissioners to drive up quality and ensure that the needs of people who self-harm are being addressed in the range of generic services they commonly use.

Integrated care's £3bn ''is not new money''

Integrated care's £3bn ''is not new money'': The cash announced by the Chancellor to integrate health and social care will have to be found from existing funds. Public Service

Revised fit note guidance

Revised fit note guidance: The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has published revised guidance to help GPs and healthcare professionals use the fit note. NHS Employers

Hospitals failing diabetic patients on massive scale

Beware risks of using smartphones for clinical photos

Health literacy: the solid facts

Health literacy: the solid facts: With evidence from the recent European Health Literacy Survey, this report identifies practical and effective ways public health and other sector authorities and advocates can strengthen health literacy in a variety of settings, including educational settings, workplaces, marketplaces, health systems, new and traditional media and political arenas. It can be used as a tool for spreading awareness, stimulating
debate and research and for informing policy development and action.

SAFER communications guidelines

SAFER communications guidelines: These guidelines aim to improve the communication between health visitors and local authority children’s social care teams using the SAFER process. It covers what should be considered before referral, and provides support for efficient and appropriate telephone referrals of children who may be suffering, or are likely to suffer significant harm.

NHS drug scandal has implications for central procurement plans

NHS drug scandal has implications for central procurement plansColin Cram explains what allegations of fraud in drug purchasing mean for government procurement strategies.

Doctors slam health regulator as 'not fit for purpose'

Doctors slam health regulator as 'not fit for purpose':
Embattled health regulator the Care Quality Commission is “not fit for purpose”, leading doctors have said. The Independent

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Evaluating integrated and community-based care

Evaluating integrated and community-based care: "In this paper we outline the main community-based interventions we have evaluated and their impact, and identify nine points that may help those designing, implementing and evaluating such interventions in future." Nuffield Trust