Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Streamlining the organisation of the NHS without a top-down reorganisation

Streamlining the organisation of the NHS without a top-down reorganisation Two facts about today’s NHS are incontrovertible. The first is that providers in England are in the fifth year of running an aggregate deficit with financial balance or surplus an unlikely prospect. The second is that the organisation of the NHS is complex and fragmented and consumes a substantial amount of management time and cost. The King's Fund

The future of the mental health workforce

The future of the mental health workforce This report calls for reform of mental health services in order to develop a workforce that is able to meet people's needs in the future. The report describes commissioning of mental health services as in crisis with a diminishing workforce, growing expectations and increasing demand putting pressure on staff across the country. It recommends that all GPs should have significant and wide-ranging mental health training, and that mental health professionals should be given the time and training to consult with GPs and other public service staff to help them to respond to more people’s mental health needs. Centre for Mental Health

Quarter of 14-year-old girls 'have signs of depression'

Quarter of 14-year-old girls 'have signs of depression' A quarter of girls and nearly one in 10 boys show signs of depression at the age of 14, say UK researchers.

The findings come from more than 10,000 young people who shared their worries and emotions.

Surveys with their parents, however, suggested many were not attuned to the true anxieties of their teenage sons and daughters.

Parents often underestimated daughters' stress and had concerns about sons that the boys themselves did not voice.

Lead investigator Dr Praveetha Patalay, from Liverpool University, said teenagers, and particularly girls, were facing more mental health difficulties than previous generations. BBC News

Life-extending lung cancer drug approved

Life-extending lung cancer drug approved A life-extending lung cancer drug will be made immediately available to NHS patients in England, say advisers.

Campaigners, including the late Sunday Times restaurant critic AA Gill, have repeatedly called for access to the pioneering immunotherapy, which can add months to life.

Scotland already offers nivolumab to people with advanced disease who have also tried chemotherapy.

England's drugs watchdog had originally said nivolumab was too expensive. BBC News

Patients' illnesses could soon be diagnosed by AI, NHS leaders say

Patients' illnesses could soon be diagnosed by AI, NHS leaders say Doctors could be replaced by computers in analysing X-rays and samples of diseased tissue amid plans for further investment

Computers could start diagnosing patients’ illnesses within the next few years as artificial intelligence increasingly ousts doctors from their traditional roles, NHS leaders believe.

Machines may soon be able to read X-rays and analyse samples of diseased tissue, such as lumps that can indicate the presence of breast cancer, the NHS’s top doctor said. Continue reading... The Guardian

NHS boss puts service on high alert in case of heavy winter flu burden

NHS boss puts service on high alert in case of heavy winter flu burden Simon Stevens says major winter outbreaks in Australia and New Zealand suggests NHS could struggle to cope with cases

Britain could face a significant increase in flu cases this winter, which would make it hard for hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes to cope, the chief executive of NHS England said on Tuesday.

Simon Stevens said Australia and New Zealand had just experienced a heavy burden of winter flu cases, raising concerns that Britain may experience the same in the next few months. Continue reading... The Guardian

Adult social care is in crisis mode. We need a clear long-term plan

Adult social care is in crisis mode. We need a clear long-term plan Every family is affected by the challenges of our ageing society. The government must act now to build health and care provision fit for all

This party conference season, all political parties will use their platforms to set out a post-election vision. Adult social care was one of the big general election issues, and the government has indicated that an adult social care green paper is likely next year. The next few months are critical for capturing the views of the public, the health and care sectors and charities working to support older people.

At Future Care Capital, we have launched a new policy report about the challenges facing our ageing society and the implications for every generation. Addressing three key themes – intergenerational fairness and the economics of ageing, health and care futures, and planning ahead – we invited leaders from the public, private and third sectors to contribute. They considered how policies and spending decisions that impact health and care outcomes could better reflect the challenges and opportunities we can expect in the next five, 10 and 15 years. Continue reading... The Guardian

Record NHS negligence payouts, fuelled by maternity blunders

Record NHS negligence payouts, fuelled by maternity blunders The NHS is facing record negligence bills for brain-damaged babies because midwives fail to carry out the right checks in two in three such cases, a major report shows.

The review of compensation claims shows the costs of catastrophic birth injury have almost doubled in the last five years, reaching almost £2bn.

The study by NHS litigation authorities examined 50 cases which between in depth.

It found that in 64 per cent of cases, devastating harm - leaving children in need of life-long, round-the-clock care - followed failures to monitor babies’ hearts, or to interpret the results of checks. The Daily Telegraph

Mass NHS data sharing plan will not allow 'simple opt out' despite ministers' pledges

Mass NHS data sharing plan will not allow 'simple opt out' despite ministers' pledges A controversial NHS data-sharing plan will not allow patients a “simple opt-out” despite ministers’ pledges, leaked documents suggest.

Last year the Government axed proposals for a national scheme after it was critcised by privacy campaigners for failing to give the public a clear route to opt.

The plans had become mired in scandal after it was found that existing NHS data was already being sold to the insurance industry.

Last year ministers said the scheme would be scrapped. They promised that new plans would allow every patient a “single and simple” way to opt out if they did not want their medical information shared beyond their "direct care".

This had been recommended by a review, led by the NHS national data guardian. The Daily Telegraph

Obese patients and smokers are refused NHS operations

Obese patients and smokers are refused NHS operations Patients who are obese or smoke are being refused NHS operations and sent on a six month boot camp.

They will be referred onto a six month ‘health optimisation programme’ and taught to improve their behaviours before having surgery.

The scheme will be rolled out next month in the East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group, a health trust in East Yorkshire serving 313,400 patients.

Managers are trying to save £11.5 million this year and claim patients will get more benefit from operations if they are in better health.

Patients awaiting surgery for cancer, the frail elderly or anyone with severe mental health problems will all be exempt from the policy.

But it will apply to all other non-urgent operations including hip and knee replacements or hernia procedures. The Daily Mail