Friday, 9 December 2016

Why the big secret over plans to transform NHS services?

Why the big secret over plans to transform NHS services? Proposed consolidation of neonatal services could be the reason sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) were drawn up without GPs like me

Nine out of 10 GPs have not been consulted about sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) in their area by their CCGs. STPs aim to sustain and transform all NHS services for each of the 44 regions in England and implement the the vision of the five-year forward view with its emphasis on self-care, prevention and collaborative working in large multi-disciplinary organisations. The GPs who have been involved in drawing up these five-year plans have roles on clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) and do not necessarily represent the views of their peers. This has generated criticism, particularly from the public and frontline staff who have been kept in the dark, despite many of them trying (and failing) to view the draft plans through several freedom of information requests.

The greatest danger of STPs is that they become the focus not of improvement or innovation but of cost-cutting Continue reading... The Guardian

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