Friday, 23 October 2015

Radical action on childhood obesity will require political courage

Radical action on childhood obesity will require political courage PHE’s bold blueprint is a potential game-changer but past experience suggests the government’s response will be inadequate

Public Health England’s blueprint on how to get us all to eat less sugar is an important, detailed and necessarily bold document that could – if ministers act on it – change and extend lives. Having sifted the available international evidence on what works, its authors conclude that only truly radical action will make any real difference to the unfolding health disaster of our time.

Governments claim to want policymaking to be evidence-based. On obesity, and specifically sugar’s contribution to our expanding waistlines, here is the proof. It has been collated by the government’s own experts on public health; not campaigners or academics. As such it should be the roadmap that David Cameron tells the team of ministers and civil servants currently drawing up the government’s promised strategy on childhood obesity to follow. Continue reading... The Guardian

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