Tuesday, 22 September 2015

New junior doctors' contract changes everything I signed up for

New junior doctors' contract changes everything I signed up for The NHS I knew when I started out as a medical student has been chipped away and patient safety is under threat

This August I moved from being a medical student to become a doctor. After five years of endless exams, coursework and presentations, medical school was finally over. I had often wondered what life would be like. I knew the hours would be long, the on calls arduous and the night shifts terrifying. What I never imagined was that within eight weeks of starting there would be calls to strike, friends from the years above quitting medicine, others leaving for New Zealand (and never coming back) and a new contract being imposed by the government that altered everything I had signed up for. I find myself a junior doctor at one of the most turbulent times the NHS has ever witnessed.

The lines were drawn between the British Medical Association (BMA) and the government last week. The BMA branded the government’s newest junior doctor contract as unsafe and unfair, while the government responded by saying it would enforce the contract from August 2016 anyway. Continue reading... The Guardian

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