Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Record number of organ donors in 2017

Record number of organ donors in 2017 A record number of people donated organs in the UK last year, with the highest increase in 28 years.

There were 1,575 donors, an 11% increase on the previous year.

Ben Glean from Grimsby, who died aged 18, was one of those donors. He suffered a cardiac arrest from undiagnosed type 1 diabetes.

His mum Karen said: "I knew what Ben wanted because we'd had the conversation, which made it easier for me.

"In my darkest time there was a light to be shone for someone else."

He'd told his mum he was in support of donation but had not yet got around to joining the NHS Organ Donor Register.

His kidneys were transplanted into two men in their 30s and his liver into a man in his 50s. His corneas were also used for two sight-saving transplants. BBC News

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