Tuesday, 23 January 2018

NHS's £250m bill after private surgery gone wrong

NHS's £250m bill after private surgery gone wrong Every year around 1.6 million people in this country undergo surgery at a private hospital.

While many pay for it themselves, it is estimated that around half of the inpatients are funded by the NHS.

This is done to help clear waiting lists and for these patients in particular, it can seem like they’ve hit the jackpot: going private may seem like the health equivalent of flying first class or booking into a top restaurant.

But while the experience should be the best that money can buy — and of course many patients are happy with their care — if something goes wrong, private hospital treatment can fall woefully and dangerously short.

The problem is that while NHS hospitals are equipped with expertly staffed intensive care units, most private hospitals have no such emergency care facilities.

So should a patient’s condition suddenly deteriorate or a complication occur, they can end up being rushed to A&E at the nearest NHS hospital. The Daily Mail

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