Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Just one nurse is hired for every 400 jobs advertised

Just one nurse is hired for every 400 jobs advertised The NHS recruitment crisis has become so bad that some parts of the country are only hiring one nurse for every 400 jobs advertised.

Official figures have laid bare the true extent of nursing shortages across the country with just one in seven advertised jobs getting filled.

There were 34,260 vacant nursing and midwifery roles advertised across England at the end of September - a record high.

Nursing leaders have claimed the Government 'can no longer deny the staffing crisis' on the back of the NHS Digital data.

It comes after a scathing analysis last week revealed a greater number of nurses and midwives are now leaving the health service than joining.

More than 33,000 walked away from nursing last year in England - about 10 per cent of the entire workforce. Around half were under the age of 40.  The Daily Mail

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