Thursday, 13 July 2017

Fewer ambulance 999 calls to be classed as 'life-threatening'

Fewer ambulance 999 calls to be classed as 'life-threatening' Fewer 999 ambulance calls will be classed as life-threatening and needing a super-fast response, as part of the biggest shake-up in the service in 40 years.

The move by the NHS in England - and agreed by ministers - will result in about 8% of call-outs being classed as needing the quickest response.

Currently half of call-outs are, but many could wait longer.

NHS bosses said the changes would save lives.

They said the plans would result in the sickest patients getting urgent treatment more quickly.

The changes have been backed by medical experts after being carefully piloted over the past 18 months.

For example, in one of the pilot sites, cardiac arrest patients received a response 30 seconds quicker than they did previously. If this was repeated across the country, it could save 250 lives. BBC News

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