Friday, 17 March 2017

Suicide rescue

Suicide rescue How are local communities helping to prevent suicides?

The eight miles of coastline in Brighton and Hove can be a treacherous place and Roger De Casanove and his seafront team are usually the first to identify someone in distress.

Equipped with quad bikes and a patrol vehicle, complete with basic medical kit, they can be anywhere on the seafront in less than eight minutes - much faster than an ambulance.

Roger has done the job for just a year but admits he has been "astounded" by how much of his time is spent preventing and dealing with suicides.

"Seeing someone in a state of hopelessness and despair is very hard.

"But, for me, it is being able to provide a service that can make a real difference to people in crisis," he says.

The seafront officers, who are responsible for everyone's safety along the coastline, have been trained specifically to respond quickly in these kinds of situations. BBC News

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