Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Don't talk about the money?

Don't talk about the money? At Healthwatch Essex, I’d like to think we’re pretty clear on what we do. We are ‘an independent voice for the people of Essex… helping to shape and improve health and social care’. We do this by capturing people’s lived experience and then using this insight to make a positive case for change.

One of our unwritten rules has always been: ‘Don’t talk about the money.’ This hasn’t been easy, and there are plenty of people in the media and from interest groups who would have us lobby for more cash for the NHS and/or social care. But I’ve always resisted this. Funding is, after all, a matter for government. Getting involved in political arguments could compromise our independence, and doesn’t hold much sway with the people we’re trying to influence either – local NHS trusts or commissioners, for example, who don’t determine their own budgets anyway. The King's Fund

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