Friday, 17 February 2017

Read all about it: media coverage of NHS rationing

Read all about it: media coverage of NHS rationing ‘NHS spending… back to the 50s’

‘Hip operations banned if you can sleep: NHS bids to save millions with a new pain threshold test as it rules out surgeries on those deemed too fat’

‘Referral centres cause 'dangerous' NHS delays’

This is just a tiny sample of the NHS-related headlines in newspapers this winter. The health service is a source of public interest and media scrutiny regardless of the economic and political context, but the spotlight has intensified over recent weeks as pressures have deepened. As part of the work for our forthcoming report on NHS financial pressures, we examined how the media have reported on NHS pressures in recent years by looking at coverage of the controversial and sometimes highly emotive term ‘rationing’. The King's Fund

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