Friday, 20 January 2017

Crowd-sourcing the future of the NHS

Crowd-sourcing the future of the NHS As the NHS struggles to meet rising demand amid funding constraints and a growing sense of crisis in social care, it can be difficult to look beyond the immediate pressures and think ahead to the longer term future of health and social care in England.

Last year, in a bid to look beyond the here and now, we started a programme of work to generate new thinking on the future of the NHS – thinking unconstrained by today’s limitations and boundaries. We asked experts both inside and outside the Fund to set free their imaginations on a range of ‘What if…’ scenarios for the future of health and care.

Their essays challenged us to consider scenarios such as a carbon-neutral NHS, an NHS in a world in which antibiotics stopped working and a society in which obesity were eradicated, among others. The King's Fund

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