Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Operating theatre fraudsters ordered to repay £650,000

Operating theatre fraudsters ordered to repay £650,000 Four operating theatre technicians who defrauded the NHS have been ordered to repay £650,000 or face extended jail sentences.

The four worked at Basildon Hospital’s Cardio Thoracic Centre as perfusionists – specialist operating theatre technicians. They worked the machinery to keep patients’ hearts and lungs functioning while they underwent major surgery such as heart bypasses.

They were also the directors of a private company, London Perfusion Science Ltd (LPS), a vehicle they used to work privately and profitably at numerous other NHS hospitals at times they were already being paid to work at Basildon Hospital. They only worked 55% of their contracted hours at Basildon and the court determined that they had failed to work 14,000 hours they had been paid for. OnMedica

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