Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Guidance: Safer maternity care

Guidance: Safer maternity care  The Safer Maternity Care action plan from the Department of Health is part of the national ambition to halve rates of stillbirths, neonatal deaths, maternal deaths and brain injuries that occur during or shortly after birth, by 2030.

It is supported by a national package of measures and funding including:
  • an £8 million maternity safety training fund to support trusts to drive improvements in maternity safety
  • the launch of ‘Our Chance’ campaign, targeted towards pregnant women and their families to raise awareness of the symptoms that can lead to stillbirth
  • a £250,000 maternity safety innovation fund to support local maternity services to create and pilot new ideas
  • a new National Quality Improvement Programme for all trusts.
  • Maternity ratings for clinical commissioning groups across England will be published to benchmark local areas, help identify those areas needing improvement and examples of the best practice

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