Monday, 7 March 2016

Migrants on the NHS: 'You're targeted because you have an accent'

Migrants on the NHS: 'You're targeted because you have an accent' Mary was hit with a £5,000 bill after her son got meningitis. Campaigners say NHS staff are put in an impossible position when forced to decide on eligibility.

When Mary’s 17-year-old son, the oldest of her five children, began complaining of pain and taking medication early last year, she put it down to stress. Though her family had a GP, it was some months before she took the teenager to the surgery to find out exactly what was wrong.

What happened next – the scare of a serious illness, the joy of recovery, the shock of a bill for more than £5,000, and the eventual realisation the NHS should not have charged for his treatment in the first place – is, according to some people concerned at ministers’ renewed emphasis on recovering health costs from overseas visitors to the UK, a salutary reminder of the possible consequences. Continue reading... The Guardian

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