Thursday, 24 September 2015

GPs need more support and training to spot childhood cancers

GPs need more support and training to spot childhood cancers Too many children are being diagnosed with cancer at A&E because family doctors don’t have adequate knowledge about the symptoms

Childhood cancers can be difficult to diagnose: symptoms are often similar to other illnesses and, because it is rare, a GP is only likely to see one or two cases in their whole career. But the impact of a cancer diagnosis is devastating and it’s vital that we find ways to reduce potential delays in diagnosis.

It’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and in the lead up to it, Clic Sargent polled parents who have children with cancer or have had cancer in the past. Six in 10 told us they felt the GPs they saw had insufficient knowledge of the key symptoms. A third said they felt their child had a delayed diagnosis and just under half saw their GP at least three times before their child was diagnosed. Continue reading... The Guardian

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