Wednesday, 22 July 2015

No local authority area in England and Wales free from FGM

No local authority area in England and Wales free from FGM A new report from City University London and Equality Now shows that:
  • Women who have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM) do not only live in urban centres in England and Wales. While many affected women live in large cities where migrant populations tend to be clustered, others are scattered in rural areas.
  • Southwark in London has the highest national prevalence with an estimated 4.7% of women affected by FGM and also the highest percentage of girls born to mothers who had undergone FGM, at 10.4%.
  • Outside London, highest estimates were for Manchester, Slough, Bristol, Leicester and Birmingham.
  • Other authorities, including Milton Keynes, Cardiff, Coventry, Sheffield, Reading, Thurrock, Northampton and Oxford had rates of over 0.7%.
  • The report provides figures for local areas to enable professionals to plan services to support affected women and – where necessary – to safeguard their daughters.
  • No local authority area is likely to be free from FGM entirely.
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