Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Meet the Spanish nurses desperate for a job in the NHS

Meet the Spanish nurses desperate for a job in the NHS

Despite a creaking health system at home, lack of jobs means graduates are flocking to interviews in the UK. But for many, language skills are the highest hurdle

Résumés tightly in hand, the group of young nursing graduates nervously compared their English as they waited to be called for interview. Few had ever left Spain, and only one had been to Britain. But if all went well, they would walk out of the hotel in the centre of Madrid with an NHS nursing job in a hospital near London.

“The situation in Spain is terrible. If you want to work as a nurse, you have to leave the country,” said one candidate, José, who declined to give his surname. He had travelled six hours by train to attend the interviews. “Why not leave? Our future is now other countries.”

I wouldn’t want to work in England without perfect English. What happens when you administer dangerous medications? Continue reading... The Guardian

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