Thursday, 27 December 2012

Primary care IT services: Operating model published

Primary care IT services: Operating model published:
The NHS Commissioning Board has published a document today setting out how the management of IT systems will be organised for primary care providers (dentists, pharmacists and optometrists) from April 2013.
Securing excellence in IT Services: Operating Model for Community Pharmacies, Appliance Contractors, Dental Practices and Community Optometry explains how the accountability for the delivery of primary care information services will transfer from primary care trusts (PCTs) to the NHS Commissioning Board (NHS CB).
It follows the publication of the Operating model for GP IT services Securing Excellence in GP IT Services earlier this month which described how responsibility for operational management of GP IT services, along with associated funding, was being discharged to clinical commissioning groups to manage on behalf of the NHS CB.
Under the new system the NHS Commissioning Board will commission access for use of national IT services – such as the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) or NHSmail – for primary care contractors. As part of this it will need to provide the support and assurance linked to these services. This may be through its regional/area teams, commissioning support units (CSUs) or any other IT provider.
Primary care contractors will remain responsible for local implementation of national services and will provide the necessary support services including training, associated hardware and network services. They will be free to choose any local IT delivery organisation.
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