Monday, 24 September 2012

Guidance published on sharing information to tackle violence

Guidance published on sharing information to tackle violence:
This Guidance highlights how Community Safety Partnerships  (CSPs) made up of local authorities, the Police and other local agencies can reduce violence in their community by encouraging A&Es to collect and share information on time, type and location of assault, as part of the Government’s commitment to deliver on Information Sharing to Tackle Violence.
Information can be anonymised, aggregated and shared with local CSPs to identify where violence is happening and inform local interventions to tackle it. Interventions such as restricting alcohol licensing and targeting policing can have a big impact on community safety.
This guidance should also support CSP partners to understand better ways of engaging with their health partners at a local level.
This guidance includes:
  • advice and tools to support CSPs to share information to reduce violence
  • advice on data collection, use and feedback
  • information on how to engage with health partners effectively
  • relevant information on NHS and Public Health reform
Read the guidance on Information Sharing to Tackle Violence Department of Health

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