Thursday, 16 August 2012

Consultations launched on sector regulation of health service

Consultations launched on sector regulation of health service:
Two consultations that will help ensure that patients’ interests will be protected throughout the health service are launched today by the Department of Health.
The consultations set out proposals for how Monitor, as the sector regulator for the health service, will ensure that the new system operates in the best interest of patients.
Specifically, the consultations seek views in relation to:
  • Licensing – this covers which providers of NHS funded services will need to hold a licence with Monitor. For the first time, Monitor will regulate private and voluntary providers, setting out the safeguards to ensure patients receive the best quality care possible. These safeguards will also prevent abuses of power, such as providers charging higher prices to boost profits or refusing to cooperate in service integration. Find out more about consultation about licensing
  • Procurement, choice and competition – this covers minimum requirements for commissioners to ensure that they deliver best value for patients. This also explains how, for the first time, patients’ rights to choice under the NHS Constitution will be enforceable wherever they live in England.Find out more about consultation about procurement, choice and competition
Department of Health

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