Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Updated factsheet on Health and Social Care Act

Updated factsheet on Health and Social Care Act: Source: Department of Health (DH)

The Department of Health has published a series of factsheets on the Health and Social Care Act 2012, updated to reflect the changes made during the Act's Parliamentary passage. They explain particular topics contained in the Act, including its key themes and include case studies of the policy in action, or answer frequently asked questions about the topic.
The topics covered are as follows:
. Overview
. Case for change
. Overview of health and care structures
. Scrutiny and improvements
. Clinically-led commissioning
. Provider regulation to support innovative and efficient services
. Greater voice for patients
. New focus for public health
. Greater accountabilty locally and nationally
. Streamlined arm's length bodies
. Support worker regulation
. Improving quality of care
. Tackling inequalities in healthcare
. Promoting better ...

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