Friday, 16 December 2011

Report of the Steering Group on Remediation

Report of the Steering Group on Remediation:
In January 2010, the Department of Health established a Steering Group to consider

remediation, focussing on managing competence and capability issues in the small minority of doctors where there is concern about their health, conduct, clinical

competence and capability.

Many members of the Group had considerable personal experience of tackling clinical

competence and capability problems and were able to draw upon this experience as

well as the Department of Health survey and other recent work in developing their

ideas.In looking at how remediation could be better managed, the Group made six broad

  • Performance problems, including clinical competence and capability issues, should normally be managed locally wherever possible
  • Local processes need to be strengthened so as to avoid performancemproblems wherever possible, and to reduce their severity at the point ofmidentification;
  • The capacity of staff within organisations to deal with performance concerns needs to be increased with access to necessary external expertise as require
  • A single organisation is required to advise and, when necessary, to co­ordinate the remediation process and case management so as to improveconsistency across the service;
  • The medical Royal Colleges to produce guidance and provide assessmentand specialist input into remediation programmes;
  • Postgraduate deaneries and all those involved in training and assessment need to assure their assessment processes so that any problems arising during training are addressed

Report of the Steering Group on Remediation

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